Executive Head Teacher Mr J Hallworth
Head of School Dr M Beverley
Head of Progress (Key Stage 3) Miss L Ingleby
Head of Progress (Key Stage 4) Mr D Austwick
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs L Langford

Senior Head of House Mrs A Bryden
Head of House Mr B Calder
Head of House Mrs H Sewell
Head of House Mrs C Coates
Learning Mentor Miss L Robertson
Learning Mentor Mrs D Short
Administrative Assistant Mrs E Winder

Head of Department Mrs J Byrne
Teacher Mrs L Hare
Teacher Ms A Szpytko
Subject Coordinator Mr I McDonald
Teacher Mrs L Partridge
Teacher Miss G Thompson

Head of Department Mr D Clarke
Subject Coordinator Mr D Soulsby
Subject Coordinator Mr M Middlemiss
Teacher Mr J Smith
Teacher Mr D Austwick

Head of Department Mrs L Atkinson
Subject Coordinator Miss L Riley
Teacher Vacant
Teacher Mr S Ripley
Technician Mrs Z Overton

MFL Lead Mrs L Langford
Teacher Mrs S Renshaw

Head of Department Mr M McHugh
Teacher Mrs G Randhawa
HLTA Mrs A Wilson
Technician Mr G Ardron

Head of Department Mr M Huck
Subject Coordinator Mr C Start
Subject Coordinator Mrs K Oakland

Head of Department (Music) Mrs J Kemp
Head of Department (Art) Mrs D Youlden
Teacher of Art Mrs F Leonard

Head of Department Mrs T Archer
History Teacher Ms R Scott
Teacher Miss K Atkinson

Head of Department Miss E Routledge
Subject Coordinator Mr C Locke

Head of Department Mrs A Wilson

SENDCO Mrs P Selden
CAP Practitioner Miss L Coates
CAP Coordinator Miss C Whitfield

LSU Manager Mrs L Middleton
CLiC Centre Leader Miss D Dean
HLTA Mrs J Appleby
Transition Tutor Ms L Robertson
Teaching Assistant Mrs L Bliss
Teaching Assistant Mrs P Fort
HLTA/Librarian Mrs J Ralph
Teaching Assistant Mrs L Kwok

Cover Manager Mrs D Youlden
Cover Supervisor Miss R Coyne

Business Manager Mrs G Cuthbertson
PA to the Head Teacher Mrs L Foster
Finance, Marketing and Community Engagement Officer Miss N Williamson
Reception/Administration Mrs F Skinner
School Administrator Mrs J Powell
Data & Information Systems Manager Mr C Lane
Data & Media Clerk Mr G Laverick
Student Guidance and Examinations Officer Mrs C Lilley
Site Supervisor Mr T Armstrong
Site Attendant Mr D Ramsey
Network Manager Mr J Ferry
General Assistant/Lunchtime Team Leader Mrs P Broder

Cook/Kitchen Manager Mrs V Y Briggs
Catering Assistant Mrs R Galsinh
Catering Assistant Mrs K Hutchinson
Catering Assistant Mrs A Daniel
Catering Assistant Mrs K Harris
Catering Assistant Miss M Harland
Catering Assistant Mrs S Colgin
Catering Assistant Mrs D West