Key Stage 3

What will I learn in Years 7, 8 and 9?

Pupils in years 7 and 8 will study a range of different topics relevant to the Computing, ICT, Business and Media programmes of study.

In year 7 the topics covered will include:

·         Digital Literacy

·         E-Safety

·         Binary & Data Representation

·         Hardware & Software Components

·         Computer game development using a visual based programming language

·         Modelling

In year 8 the topics covered will include:

·         Algorithms and Python Programming

·         Office Skills

·         Binary & Data Representation

·         Encryption

·         Computer program creation using a text based programming language

·         Creating a Webpage

·         A project which combines business ideas while using ICT.

In year 9 the topics covered will include:

·         Computing – Hardware and software

·         Information Technology – Human computer interfaces

·         Creative Media – Media language and representation in media

·         Business Enterprise – Business enterprise project

These will be on a rotational basis to allow learners to experience subjects available at KS4 to help them make the best choices according to their strengths and interests.



Throughout key stage 3 pupils will use a range of software, including:

Microsoft Office, Serif PhotoPlus, Serif DrawPlus, Serif MoviePlus, Serif WebPlus, Comic Life, Scratch and Python.

How will I learn?

You will receive practical lessons as well as theory based lessons.  You will be taught using a wide variety of interesting teaching methods and be expected to work independently to solve problems.


Key Stage 4

What will I learn in Years 10 and 11?


This exciting GCSE gives you an excellent opportunity to investigate how computers work and how they’re used whilst also developing computer programming and problem-solving skills. You will do some in-depth practical work and complete a project using the Python programming Language.

How will I learn?

This two unit course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works and a look at what goes on behind the screen. You will learn using a flip learning method where homework is a critical part of the preparation for the lesson ahead rather than reflective of the lesson which has just been completed.
What abilities, aptitudes, skills and interests will I need?

You must enjoy programming and be able to use a wide variety of programming packages including Python and Scratch. You must also have a good understanding of Mathematics and Science and be keen to known how and why things work. You should be able to use a computer confidently and be inspired to learn more about them.

What opportunities can this course and qualification lead to?

This course could lead you onto a successful career in various parts of industry.  It can also lead you onto studying Computing at AS/A level in college or 6th Form. With this being a Science based qualification it can also lead into employment in a Science based environment.



The BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production is a Level 2 qualification that allows students to explore different audiences and types of media.

How will I learn?

You will have three components over the length of the course.

Component 1 – is a controlled assessment that has students exploring media to understand their purpose, genre, audience, and engagement.

Component 2 – is a controlled assessment which focuses on the development of practical media production skills and techniques.

Component 3- is an examined piece of work where students will create their own media product in response to a given client brief.

What abilities, aptitudes, skills and interests will I need?

You should enjoy consuming various types of media including Movies, TV programmes, radio shows, magazines, comics, newspapers, websites and games. It is Ideal for learners with a creative instinct who may be interested in a course which combines skills from Art and Design and English.

What opportunities can this course and qualification lead to?

Students can progress to further education qualifications such as BTEC Level 3 Nationals or A levels.